Data Protection Requires Endpoint Management

endpointsecurityEndpoint management is imperative for companies now that hackers are conducting bigger data breaches. Recently, a security company discovered that millions of usernames and passwords for email accounts were stolen by a hacker. Over 272 million stolen accounts were put up for sale on Russia’s online black market, and the hacker said that he would sell the information for just 50 roubles, which is less than $1. Most of the users had email accounts, which is Russia’s most popular email service. Some Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft email users were also affected by this data hack. 40 million of the user credentials came from Yahoo Mail, while 33 million were from Microsoft Hotmail. Another 24 million credentials were stolen from Gmail. Accounts on German and Chinese email providers were also affected.

This trove of data is one of the biggest stashes of stolen user credentials that’s been discovered in the past two years. The data leak was discovered when the Russian hacker was bragging on an online forum about selling stolen user credentials. He said he had 1.17 billion records, including 57 million accounts. claims that it has 64 million monthly active email users, but the company says that its initial checks found no live user credentials that match the stolen user names and passwords. The hacker also had 42.5 million unique user credentials that were previously not a part of any other data breach.

In this case, the data was not obtained through a breach of Google’s systems. Microsoft says Hotmail accounts have security measures in place to protect stolen accounts, and Yahoo plans to get a list of compromised accounts.

The information from big data breaches like this one can be used in the future to conduct more data breaches. Some of the compromised emails in this data leak were connected to employees who work at some of the largest American manufacturing, banking, and retail companies. Companies can take the following measures to help protect their employees and their data from the latest security threats:

  1. Inspect all endpoint assets so the organization can detect and stop threats before they cause damage to the enterprise
  2. Keep all systems compliant with corporate security standards and best practice industry standards so networks aren’t vulnerable
  3. Immediately remediate any issues so hackers don’t have the chance to exploit a vulnerability in the network

Hackers can easily gain access to company information for the right price, which demonstrates the need for strong endpoint security. Promisec Endpoint Manager (PEM) offers cyber security protection to companies looking to keep their networks safe. PEM allows automated rollback and remediation based on customized rules, so companies won’t have to worry about manually installing patches and updates. PEM also provides reports and customizable dashboards that provide a complete and accurate picture of the endpoint landscape, so enterprise IT teams and executives alike can see exactly where their networks are vulnerable, and where their cybersecurity needs to be improved. With PEM’s file integrity monitoring software and malware protection capabilities, companies can keep their enterprise data secure from cyber threats.