Lightweight agentless technology


PEM delivers the most comprehensive inspection of endpoints available in the industry, including not only processes running in memory but other critical data points such as system configuration, performance and other metrics that are required to provide context for security threats and ensure both compliance and the overall health of endpoint assets. With PEM, it is easy to continuously monitor and proactively detect threats.


Identify compliance discrepancies to malicious cyber activity


By incorporating a broad range of threat data from the Industry standard Virus Total database to customer purchased threat intelligence feeds – the industry's first FIM and File Reputation Scoring service is coupled with customer-defined white and black lists, corporate policies, best practice standards such as NIST, CIS benchmarks and DISA STIGs and vulnerability databases – PEM correlates the current state of endpoints with contextual data to ensure compliance and identify risk to endpoints throughout the enterprise.

Automatically fix problems to resolve any gaps in compliance, bootstrap Incident Response


When compliance issues, vulnerabilities and other potential attack vectors are found, PEM allows end-to-end, automated rollback and remediation based on both pre-defined rules as well as completely customized rules that allow for everything from stopping rogue processes, to enforcing registry changes on Windows hosts, to installing software patches and updates. All of this aids and bootstraps Incident Response efforts as well.


Insight = actionable intelligence


PEM reports and interactive dashboards provide an immediate, complete and accurate picture of the network infrastructure and endpoint landscape.  Extensive out-of-box reports and dashboards are fully customizable, and provide actionable intelligence that extends from the board room to the data center.