Endpoint Management


Endpoint Management Software: The Detail

With endpoint management, network devices (or 'endpoints') are required to comply with strict, security-oriented policies before they are allowed access to the wider network and its attached resources. Since more security issues are handled via policy, the strain in terms of computing and overlapping technical security solutions is lowered.

The fundamental idea behind endpoint security is to create a system which analyses devices requesting network access - and blocks access if the specified device(s) do not meet the required criteria. For example: with the advent of viruses and malware which can affect mobile devices, a mobile device requesting network access may be required to maintain an active subscription to a trusted anti-virus app. It could also be a further requirement that the mobile device requesting network access should be un-rooted.

The endpoint security suite is installed at a gateway location on the related server and scans devices as they enter the network. Think of the endpoint management system as a metal-detection gate at an airport, allowing suitable passengers to board the plane whilst dealing with the remainder. Preventing bad software or infected devices from accessing the network in the first place can be more effective than detecting them once they are connected (and significant damage may already have been dealt).

Why Should I be Interested in Endpoint Management Solutions?

It can be said that preventative measures are often more effective than any other action which may be taken against a potential threat. In medicine, vaccines are often a better solution than cures (which have to be measured out again and again). In terms of computing, the same can be said for endpoint management.

Having a much better chance to assess and manage potential network threats before they gain access to your network is likely to save you time, money and processing power. When you think about it- it's really pretty simple. Do you want to be prepared for what might happen, or do you want to clean up the mess after a virus gets a foothold on your network?

Really, there's only one sensible answer.


Endpoint Management Solutions: What are My Options?

Here at Promisec, we're dedicated to delivering endpoint security in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

  1. The Promisec Endpoint Manager Platform is a dedicated application handling endpoint security to a high standard
  2. Integrity is our SAAS, cloud-based endpoint security platform - offering unparalleled security from the convenience of the cloud

You really can't lose, whichever platform you decide to go with.